Manhattan Shiatsu Clinic:

Shiatsu Clinic Where To Receive & Learn Shiatsu

Manhattan Shiatsu Clinic aims to help resolve the physical, mental, emotional, and energetic concerns one suffers and bring harmony into her/his life through receiving, giving, and learning Shiatsu.  Every one of us has healing power within.  Shiatsu helps activate this healing power to naturally balance our body and mind.

Sensei Snow believes that Shiatsu is beyond bodywork. Evaluations and treatment plans are generated based on Wu Xin (Five Element Theory) of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Snow’s multidisciplinary training has resulted in a unique, profound, and effective style of Shiatsu, which combines the essence of healing arts ranging from meditation and point therapy to energy flowing meridian stretching and breathing practice. Manhattan Shiatsu Clinic is filled with beautiful harmony of genuine care and kindness.  Every client is treated with respect and comfort as a whole person.  

Manhattan Shiatsu Clinic is also where you can learn Shiatsu and Five Element Theory.  Our clinical setting, where passionate advanced therapists observe Sensei Snow’s evaluations and treatments, makes it possible to offer superb but affordable Shiatsu treatments.  If you prefer a private setting, please do not hesitate to contact Snow at

Snow’s hope is to bring the harmony of Shiatsu to everyone, and to create a harmonious community where everybody belongs.