Snow is a Shiatsu Sensei who founded Manhattan Shiatsu Clinic where people can recieve and learn Shiatsu.  This is her story.

Snow was born in the famous snow country in Japan.  In her traditional family, a blind masseuse made regular weekly house calls to give acupuncture and anma bodywork sessions to her family members whenever they weren’t feeling well.  She was intrigued to see his diagnosis through pulse and touch, as well as his treatments.  How could he know what is wrong with us?  How could he help us feel better with needles and his hands?  Snow’s genuine wonder about acupuncture and massage has remained with her as well as her memory of the warmth of the masseuse’s hands.

Moving to New York City, Snow’s long-time curiosity was finally satisfied with a life-changing meeting with Master Ohashi, who introduced Zen Shiatsu and its founder Master Masunaga to the American people in the 1970s.  Under Master Ohashi’s guidance, Snow had a rare opportunity to learn not only Shiatsu techniques, but also to learn Oriental Medicine and the Master’s Zen view points first hand.  

Snow’s passion for Shiatsu has never ceased since the first day she took a Shiatsu class in 2007.  Snow’s core belief that Shiatsu is a non-verbal communication between giver and receiver is still vital in every Shiatsu session, where she intensely listens to the body and responds to it in the most effective way she knows with compassion and respect.

It was a natural progression for her to learn the Western science of the human body, especially the Lymphatic System, the swelling and immune mechanism, medical massage to evaluate and address conditions, and personal training (snow was formerly certified in NSCA-CPT, ACE-CPT, ACE-Health Coach) in order to help others resolve their concerns. Snow graduated from the prestigious Swedish Institute in Massage Therapy as one of the top students in her class.

The more Snow learned about the science of the body, the more she realized the connection between body and mind. She strongly believes that optimum wellness can only be achieved through a healthy body and a peaceful mind. Following the teachings of Swami Satchidananda, the founder of Integral Yoga Institute, Snow practices yoga and meditation on a daily basis; and, as a yoga teacher, enjoys sharing its ancient wisdoms with her students.

With a Master’s Degree in arts management, Snow has worked at the Smithsonian institution as a graduate intern and coordinated international art exhibitions for US museums. 



"So, what made her change her career?" 

Her answer is, “I found my own art: Shiatsu."

Snow’s desire to help others and to share her passion for Shiatsu naturally created opportunities for her to teach. Snow is a member of faculty at Swedish Institute, where she has taught degree courses, including Shiatsu and Thai Massage.  Snow also offers her continuing education couses for licensed massage therapists on self-care and travel massage specialist training through AIR BEAUTIFUL, Snow’s travel holistics brand that helps prevent and heal travel-related bodymind issues, mainly using Five Element Theory.  Snow has been giving talks and workshops on Lymphatic self-care and dry brushing, holistic travel strategies nationally and internationally.  

Snow’s gifted hands and highly specialized skills have won strong supporters from all over the world. Snow has been associated with high-end hospitality for the past decade.  Snow is currently working with Four Seasons New York Downtown as a Resident Healer to offer her AIR BEAUTIFUL program to its guests.  She also works as a consultant for hotel spas.  

Many doors have opened for Snow, one after another. Keeping a clear and calm mind with tremendous gratitude, she continues her own journey to help more people with her touch.