Hello, I’m Snow, Founder/Director of Manhattan Shiatsu Clinic.


I would like to personally welcome you.  I’m so glad that you found Manhattan Shiatsu Clinic.  

My main goal is that everyone who visits Manhattan Shiatsu Clinic feels much better when leaving here.  Why does Shiatsu help us feel better?  It is because Shiatsu stimulates our healing power within that will naturally balance our body and mind. Shiatsu is truly beyond bodywork.  

I also hope that everyone who visits Manhattan Shiatsu Clinic feels easy, joyful, and at home.  This is a community where you will be treated with respect and genuine care.  You are like my family here at Manhattan Shiatsu Clinic. 

What is unique about Manhattan Shiatsu Clinic is our educational clinical setting.  In our clinic, our passionate advanced therapists observe my Shiatsu evaluations and treatments.  This setting makes it possible for us to offer superb but very affordable Shiatsu sessions.  If you prefer a private setting, please do not hesitate to contact me at snow@manhattanshiatsu.com

Shiatsu is a precious gift given to me.  I am grateful and humble to share this gift of life with you.  You will be always welcomed at Manhattan Shiatsu Clinic to receive Shiatsu and learn Shiatsu.  

Welcome again and thank you. I hope that you enjoy Shiatsu.

Warm regards, Snow



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